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Care of your quilts

Quilts are made to enjoy. Get them out of the closet or storage area and USE THEM!!! By providing proper care you can enjoy that quilt for many years to come.

  • Antique quilts:

    Soak the quilt in warm water with a non-detergent soap such as Ivory flakes, Dreft or Orvis Paste in a bath tub. Drain the water. Fill with cool water to rinse. Drain again. Lay the quilt on a clean sheet on lawn to dry (if it is a sunny day, make sure that you lay it in a shaded area-watch out for birds flying overhead!!!)

  • Utility quilts/Bed quilts:

    Wash quilt in warm water with a non-detergent soap such as Ivory flakes, Dreft or Orvus Paste on gentle cycle. Dry in warm dryer (NOT HOT) until quilt is almost dry. Finish drying on a rack or clothesline.

  • Washable wool batting quilt products

         Legacy wool batting  is thermal bonded. The fibers are held together using a bonding solution and under a high heat process. Using heat in any part of the washing and drying process  may melt the binding material and allow for fiber migration and bearding. For best results, we recommend that you wash your quilt in cold water and line dry

  • 100% Wool quilt batting quilt products:

    Fill top load washer with warm water. Dissolve non-detergent soap such as Ivory Flakes, Dreft or Orvus Paste in the water. Place the wool item in the water, agitating it by HAND ONLY. Let soak for about 10-15 minutes and spin water out using the spin cycle on your washing machine. Fill washer with cool water and agitate quilt by HAND ONLY. Let quilt soak for 10-15 minutes and then spin dry using the spin cycle on your washer. Carefully lift the item out of the washer and hang to dry, or lay flat on a clean sheet outside.
    100% wool will felt when agitated in the washing machine or dryer. A front load washer will toss the item around, leading to felting. Your queen sized quilt will quickly become a doll quilt if you agitate the product in the washer or dryer.

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