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10230WB-09 108'' Benartex White/Multi Opulence Mottled Wide Backing


13517WB-50 108'' Benartex Peri Bloom Wide Backing


13517WB-84 108'' Benartex Teal Bloom Wide Backing


13517WB-86 108'' Benartex Plum Bloom Wide Backing


1494-19 108'' Blank Quilting Black/White Mod Flower Black Tie Wide Backing


1911-01 108'' Blank Quilting White Aziza Wide Backing


1911-99 108'' Blank Quilting Black Aziza Wide Backing


1912-01 108'' Blank Quilting White Gingko Wide Backing


1912-55 108'' Blank Quilting Purple Gingko Wide Backing


1912-77 108'' Blank Quilting Navy Gingko Wide Backing


1912-99 108'' Blank Quilting Black Gingko Wide Backing


2087-447 108'' Wilmington Prints Teal Palm Leaves Wide Backing


2087-449 108'' Wilmington Prints Blue Palm Leaves Wide Backing


2087-646 108'' Wilmington Prints Purple Palm Leaves Wide Backing


2705W-37 108'' Henry Glass & Co. Primary Pyramids Wide Backing


2705W-55 108'' Henry Glass & Co. Jeweltone Pyramids Wide Backing


3721-229 108'' Wilmington Prints Brown Watercolor Texture Wide Backing


3721-449 108'' Wilmington Prints Blue Watercolor Texture Wide Backing


9661WB-54 108'' Benartex Royal/Teal Boughs of Beauty Wide Backing


9747MB-12 108'' KANVAS by Benartex Black/Gold Radiant Paisley w/Metallic


9747MB-70 108'' Kanvas by Benartex Sepia/Gold Radiant Paisley w/Metallic


9749WB-99 108'' Benartex Black/Multi Joyous Garden Wide Backing


BX8549-ISLAND 106'' Timeless Treasures Island Small Triangle Dots Wide Back Tonga Batik


F9526-89 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Red/Black Winter Elegance Block Panel Flannel


F9527-88 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Red Snowflakes Flannel


F9527-99 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Black Snowflakes Flannel


F9528-98 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Red Poinsettias Flannel


F9529-66 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Green Textured Chevron Flannel


F9529-88 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Red Textured Chevron Flannel


F9529-99 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Black Textured Chevron Flannel


F9530-90 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Light Grey Vines and Berries Flannel


F9531-99 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Black Textured Motifs Flannel


F9532-99 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Black Vines & Berries Flannel


F9533-98 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Multi Colored Trees on Flannel


F9534-98 45'' Henry Glass & Co. Multi Angels & Poinsettias Novelty Stripe Flannel


WB10819R-GRAY 108'' Riley Blake Designs Grey Snowed In Wide Backing


WB10819R-RED 108'' Riley Blake Designs Red Snowed In Wide Backing


WB10819R-TEAL 108'' Riley Blake Designs Teal Snowed In Wide Backing


WB10831R-CRE 108'' Riley Blake Designs Cream Adel in Autumn Wide Backing


WB10831R-OLI 108'' Riley Blake Designs Olive Adel in Autumn Wide Backing


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